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The pcards_lp are owned and shared by Richard Reddick, who roamed the streets of Avon Park in his youth.
Used by permission
Near Lake Placid, Florida
dean blvd
Dean Boulevard in Lake Stearns
Now Lake Placid, Florida
golf house
Municipal Golf House & Links
high school
High School Lake Placid Florida
lennon garage and restaurant
Lennon Service Center and Restaurant in Lake Placid Florida
This card states that this was the home of The Advance Turbine Pump Company. It was located a mile and a half south of Lake Placid on Highway 27. The phone number was HO5-2873.
aerial of lake placid
Aerial of Lake Placid
Postcard is dated 1978.
club house and links
Municipal Golf House & Links
Lake Placid Pineapples
Postcard states: See the pineapples grow at Plantation Paradise only 4 miles south of Placid Tower, the Tower of Peace, Lake Placid, Florida, on toll free U. S. 37 South.

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